Hôtel i-SUITE by Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, Giovanni Quadrelli - Rimini - ITALIE

i-SUITE n'est pas seulement un hôtel design avant-gardiste, mais un manifeste de l'éventuel mariage entre architecture, sensorialité et excellence. Il est le résultat de la synergie entre la recherche fondamentale, mobilier fonctionnel, fluide, des formes plastiques, organiques et l'expérience de profiter d'un voyage onirique qui tend à l'irréel. Les architectes Giovanni Quadrelli et Simone Micheli ont cherché à créer une icône contemporaine et unique, adaptée à une ville, Rimini.

"i-SUITE is the result of the desire of opening up new horizons by using iron and glass as the main elements for the load bearing structure. The west oriented wall parallel to the promenade must conform to the wall curtain located in viale Regina Elena in a smooth way by means of the soft shapes of the balconies, of the swimming pool and by using glass for the parapets. The large window overlooking the swimming pool has a surface amounting to 27 metres. It is anchored to the building structure and it is designed to dilate up to 10 centimetres during summer. Vertical self load bearing iron and wood made ways can be seen through the transparent surfaces. A close-up view shows a step suspended by drop laser shaped iron elements. The corridors are designed as an extension of the exterior and they are clearly distinguished from the swimming pool. The texture is made up of MDF 3D shaped modules and it is located by repeated patterns on the wall which results in creating an evocative effect of sand smoothed by the waves. The LED lighting from the twilight to the dawn makes the atmosphere charged with evocative emotions. The continuous façade is interrupted by the glass shapes of the stairway room having a shiny grain glass structure supported by a steel spiderweb like structure which enhances its. geometry.This stairway links the ground floor to the first floor. The ceiling as well is made up of structural glass suspended by steel tensioned cables. From this point the view of the “ swimming pool scuplture” is magnificent. From the stairway room a narrow way resembling a sinuous river opens out to the equipped wellness bath. The structure is suspended on the basement and it was made by shaping the concrete softly. On the same façade up to the interior we can see big snow white waves made by using pernervometal system which consists in an iron structure (shaped rods) covered by a fine knit iron net and by applying some sprayed concrete several times. Lastly it is shaped, hand smoothed, and water repellent semi-gloss paints are applied. A 3D 1/20 scaled model was created in order to design part of the building and of the reception entrance so that the applicators draw the real measurements for working in height and depth. Coupled anti-breaking glass sheets work as parapet for the balconies.They are anchored in to the balcony slab at 20 cm depth by means of a steel vice which sustains and aligns them. The windows frames are made up of aluminum and they slide thanks to the “Lift and Slide System”. They mark the border between the room and the balcony. Outside the flooring is made up of wood laths resembling a ship deck. On the west oriented walls overlooking the sea the architectural work aimed at safeguarding the surrounding environment, preserving the green and the light proceeding from east is to be found. That is why we used glass for the façades which offers its pecurial features such as luminosity, transparency and reflexibility. This building is completely surrounded by the colours of nature by means of the exchange between the interior and the exterior that glass makes possible. The big curved “ribs” on the façade are made up of fibre glass and they are moulded and coloured by using the “gel coat” system (which is similar to the one used in the shipbuilding industry). They resemble the profile of an hull: in fact, they have no structural but rather scenographic purpose. On the base “the ground connection” steel junction of the yard system underlines the off shore setting. The background is completed by a portion of circular bulding working as the barycentre of the two wings. Above here the attic floor which is covered by white wood girders forming the the ceiling is located. The interior is illuminated by the curvilinear large windows overlooking the near harbour and the whole as well up over the horizon working as an ideal command bridge. On the side of the sea huge crumbs of Istria stones left by a gigantic Thumb Tom on the neutral surface of the meadow together with a thread of flickering blue LEDS welcome the guest and accompany him to the main entrance. Here a stela which is made up of Istria stone as well, features the same shapes of the flooring and of the logo, and by attracting the attention of the guest it announces that the show has just begun."
Giovanni Quadrelli, architecte pour i-SUITE 

Légèreté et pureté des formes curvilignes, en utilisant le verre et des couleurs douces. L'ondulation des murs ressemble à des robes sinueuses, amplifiées par des éclairages artificiels multicolores dès la tombée de la nuit.

"When passing the entrance threshold a new background showing an informal way to perform the task of reception emerges. In fact the guest is welcomed by a metropolitan living room made up of snow white couches having highly coloured rigid disks and of smooth walls which look so sinuous that resemble a theatre stage curtain fabric which has just been raised. There is no traditional reception desk, the welcoming entrance hall becomes a meeting place where people socialize, talk, display and show off. Snow white surfaces an bewitching volumetries together with piercing colours strokes characterize the visual area. All the feature share the intention of expressing contemporaneity, beauty and new contents. The large hall leading to the sinuous external swimming pool is vibrant with light thanks to the linear blue leds which make the white couches seem to float being suspended on the floor which is made up of large size glossy porcelained gres tiles. The mirror walls surrounding the bar cover nearly 80% of the perimeter of the ground floor. They are silk screened with random dizzying concentric hand-sketched circles, and a sparkling explosion of bubbles which dilate the space.The theatrical celing narrow beam light lights are oriented by the lamps of a futuristic spaceship enhancing the furnishing, the walls and the different materials. Tall sinuous bright acid green trees having long branches which seem to float into the space creating kaleidoscopic setting leaving a unique, deep memory involving the guests in an all senses experience by means of reflections and evocative effects on the mirror surface together with the changeable projections on the wavy walls. The traditional desk for registrating the guests together with the back-office operation posts and the toilet facilities are completely teak covered, they are all located behind wings in the center of the ground floor stretching as sinuosly as a drape, resembling a metaphorical aurora borealis. It looks like soft wave working as a barrier between the two entrance halls and underlining the way it leads to at the same time. This reference icon becomes a symbolic element in the external façades. Near the large living room on the side of the swimming pool following the fluid curtain a mouth holding a fire sign, that is, a cosy fireplace is located. A willowy steel tape marks the openings in the mirror walls of the bar, interiorly in the hall and exteriorly in the swimming pool and it works not only as a frame but also as a valuable tray for support and for tasting. The allusion and illusion game is completed by round small containers which resemble flying saucers floating in the air hold lcd monitors add rhythm and give life to the walls.Three big circular containers suspended in the space of the windows become three gigantic eyes facing a parallel universe, they are capable of generating lights, colours and images in quick succession. Having lunch at the i-SUITE restaurant is as exciting. The purity of the furnishing, of the tables, of the benches and of the seats is a dominant element in the setting and it interrupted only by the acid green lightnings of the tablecloth and of the bottom of the mirror buffet counter and by the rest of the walls as well. A radiant and sparkling light and reflection play is enhanced by the table and chairs legs and the stainless steel covered pillars. On the ceiling there are no ceiling lamps but rather shaped pierced monitors where images and light are projected, an ever-changing chromatic show which is emphasized by the dreamlike screen printings on the mirror and all the relative reflections. i-SUITE arouses a wide range emotions but the dominating feeling is that everything can change at any time, that nothing is definite or definable according to the strict and limiting criteria of ordinariness. 54 fully equipped suites located over 5 floors represent the most exclusive offer available in the Adriatic coast. 54 suites are distribuited between 2 branches of the hotel by means of a corridor having a muffled and mysterious atmosphere. Another dimension of perceptions representing the threshold leading to the intimacy of the rooms converts the corridors into an all senses experience tunnel where doors and walls disappear in order to form a continuous wavy curtain, a willowy winking drapery like a light silk pettycoat. The walls which are enhanced by ceiling installed leds hide the entrance doors of the suites and they become the guardians of mysterious secret passages. Only the room number which is printed on the badge reader and the door handles which is composed of hollow brushed steel cylinder reveals the presence of the doors by means of the reflection of the warm tones of the teak floor and of the color changing leds built in the floor itself. These doors are the thresholds leading to an enchanted world. Each suite has a different surprise in store, a different chromatic combination, a different use of the materials, a different space distribution. All suite share the same scrupulous attention to detail, the enhanced sensorial features which stir a wide range of emotions in the guest. The finishing of the large walls hiding the vanishing closets and the doors, the finishing of the bathrooms feature Canaletto walnut finishing or lacquer finishing in black or white colours. The relationship between the shapes, the pure glossy porcelained gres floors and the teak floors is rigorous and harmonious. The same holds true for the vigorous dynamic of the counter ceiling sloping cuts which can be teak inlaid or teak faced as well. Soft and sinuous poufs, fluid and curvy shaped couches upholstered with acid green fabric which is the common colour for all the rooms welcome the guest when entering each boundless room. Entirely mirror covered walls surround the most intimate area of the suite sporting a large snow white ottoman which features a wide mattress suspended in the space, it creates allusions and reflections and emphasizes the panoramic view of each room. Beleveled edge totemic furniture stand out in the room as an icon and display their interactive interior sporting a LCD monitor. In addition, each bed is equipped with another suspended monitor which is built in a mirror covered beleveled edge container hanging from the ceiling. In the mirror covered wall behind the bed the traditional bedside tables are replaced by a deep narrow recess illuminated from inside which resembles a big mouth. Deep narrow recesses, stainless steel microcopies of the design of the bedhead underline the profile of the doors of the wall closets and of the bathrooms and work as handles. Fluid mirrors rotate along its angles and around the edges, overhang desk shelves form daring suspended geometries. Huge circular solid surface baths and big sensory showers diplay themselves and their users at the center of the suite surrounded by large mirror walls, burning fireplaces in each room blend harmoniously in the overall design of this visionary magnificent architecture inside the architecture. The lighting of each suite is efficient and well-targeted without being banal, it is evocative and stirs emotions, gives life to the matter by making it pulsating and confirms the truth of the definition of Architecture by Le Corbusier, i.e., "Architecture is the masterly, correct, and magnificent play of masses brought together in light." The oblique white lights underline the profile of the illuminated surfaces while the the color changing leds bring the furnishing and the baths where they are located to a surreal dimension. All these features generate a unique atmosphere capable of involving the guest in this unforgettable dream. The bathrooms of the rooms represent authentic beauty and relax rooms, and they feature a plain but elegant style. On the one hand the radiant bathrooms walls are entirely mirror and simple rough porcelained gres slabs covered on the other hand the floor features smooth glossy porcelained gres tiles. The washbasins, the baths and the shower plates are made up of solid surface and they are integrated into the furniture. Suspended and mirror built in monitors,large extra-bright glass partition surfaces, wide windows revealing breathtaking panoramic views make this experience unique when traditionally the bathroom is an area which is often overlooked and reduced to a cramped and blind space. On the 5th floor a suite covering a surface of nearly 70 square meters is located and it is the result of joining two rooms together. This suite sports a gigantic circular bed that swivels enabling the guest to not only enjoy an optimal sight of the sea but also the whole suite area such as the the cosy living room equipped with couch, fireplace and LCD tv, split bathroom which is divided in the same way as the living room by the bedroom by means of a full height glass wall than can be opened completely. On the same floor a turkish bath enriched with a color therapy system is to be found. On the 6th floor the Wellness centre is located. Near a large curved window overlooking the horizon line dividing the sea from the sky a vast relax room is situated, it sports custom made furniture and couches as all the other details of the hotel are. Acid green lightnings characterize the furniture of the solid surface wellness centre. The cylindrical tables give another coat of green colour which results in enhancing the white radiant profile of the snow white couches. The spa environment features soft ways having white Istria stones flooring: two sauna ceddar laths lined cabins positioned at 60 and 90 degrees as well as the thalassotherapy bath wind by a full height large window to the infinite space of the sky and the sea. A shiny iridescent mosaic lined turkish bath having blue leds which enhance its surfaces, three body treatment cabins, a cabin equipped with a solar bed and a snow room, a small gym and a large panoramic swimming pool equipped with hydromassage and waterfalls complete the dreamlike setting.When It gets dark spectacular light beams cross the spaces and underline the profiles of the flashing suspended furniture and the ones of a soft couch where lieing down and enjoying the show of the night kissing the silver sea surface. Enchanted portholes in the walls light up with blue in the same way as blue waving lanterns, the acidated glass doors of the cabins show the activities performed inside by lighting up. During the daytime and even more during the night i-SUITE proves to be a unique work capable of becoming a milestone in the concept of accommodation: an architectural manifesto having on the one hand ever changing metropolitan life related connotation, on the other hand it is capable of involving the guests in a new unforgettable all senses tridimensional dimension."
Simone Micheli, architecte d'intérieur pour i-SUITE 

i-FAME restaurant:

Puro Junior Suite:

Suite Life:

Dolce Vita Suite:

Penthouse Suite:

Spa et piscine i-FEEL GOOD:

par Simone Micheli architecte fondateur de Simone Micheli Architectural Hero et Giovanni Quadrelli, architecte.

Date d'ouverture: novembre 2009

Hôtel i-SUITE*****
Viale Regina Elena, 28
47921 Rimini

Tel: +39 0541 309671
Fax: +39 0541 392874

Prix: de nombreuses offres et packages à consulter sur leur site internet.

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  4. I's great to stay here especially holidays with my family.

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